How to choose your toolbox?

The adage tells us that we recognize a handyman to his tools. The good handyman knows his needs and he will therefore be very well equipped, while something is still missing from the handyman Sunday. To remedy this, the toolboxes are ideal. They will bring together many tools and accessories, which you will probably not use every day, but will be there when you need them. Being well equipped, it really makes life easier!

So how to choose a perfect toolbox according to his handyman profile? Here are some answers to help you make your choice.


If you are a professional, you probably do not need me to help you choose. You know your job, its requirements and therefore you know what tools you need. For everyday use, aim for professional gear, with brands like Facom, for example, offering high quality toolboxes.

The more casual handyman will not necessarily need a product as robust, and especially as expensive. Brands like Stanley, Parker or Mannesmann will do the job. The life of the products is limited, they deteriorate faster than pro products, but for use a few days per month is enough, and we will keep them without problems for many years.

What are your needs ?

If your passion is the automobile, whether you are looking for a toolbox to take care of your vehicles or sometimes to troubleshoot some friends with engine problems, then you have to turn to a mechanical toolbox, including keys to pawl. A Stanley STHT5-73795 will be ideal for example.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to work with wood, you will surely need a hammer, a meter, a spirit level and a saw and then an Intey 57 pieces or a Meister 8971410 should interest you .

So you have to think about what kind of do-it-yourself do you think you will most often do, and thus point you to the most appropriate tooling. Of course, you can also decide to turn to a very complete product with more than 400 pieces, which will answer almost any situation.

The place in your home

If you have a large garage, then you will not be afraid of a large toolbox like the Parker 399 pieces . It will often stay in one place and you will know where to find your tools when you need them.

On the other hand, if you live in a small house, without a garage, or even an apartment, then you will need a toolbox that is compact enough to be easily stored. You can also store it in the car, so you can easily repair some friends since your tools will always be with you.

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CATUO 100 pieces: the toolbox to watch before purchase

You are the type to help out often your non-DIY friends? Or do you want to get involved in DIY? Or maybe you are simply looking for tools that are not too expensive to equip a little? Whatever the reason, we should all have a tool kit at home, or even in the car, for the occasional small crafts! The Catuo 100-Piece Toolbox is versatile to meet a maximum need. Are the tools of good quality? I tell you everything!

A compact carrying case everywhere

This case is made entirely of plastic, standard quality, very rigid and returns a good feeling of robustness. It opens easily with small valves that look sturdy too, we hope it will last in time. It is rather compact, with 39 cm long for a little less than 30 cm high and 8 cm thick only. We will be able to carry it easily, have it always at hand in the car, or store it easily in our garage or our workshop.

When we open it, we see that the space has really been optimized, and that it is well filled. The manufacturer announces 100 pieces, but like many entry-level, he cheats a little by counting the screws, and other nails stored in a small compartment provided for this purpose. The case opens completely, and the tools are stored on each pan, there is no third shutter like the Meister 8971410 toolbox . All tools are immediately handy, which is pleasant to use.

The case is really well optimized, and the molded plastic sites are well designed and therefore hold all the tools correctly. We do not hear them vibrate too much when they are behind us in the car. Nothing to say about the ergonomics and the design of the toolbox.

A good variety of tools

This is truly the ultimate troubleshooting toolbox. With it, we can react quickly to fix a small problem. Even if there is little room at home, it is always useful to have a maximum of different tools to accommodate different situations.

We therefore find a wrench, a set of Allen keys, a flat nose pliers, a multi-socket pliers and a universal clamp. On the side of the screwdrivers, there are three flat screwdrivers (two small and one large), and three Phillips screwdrivers (two small and one large). There is also a magnetic screwdriver, with ten different tips.